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William Blanton


William Blanton has been a successful basketball coach for over 37 years.

As a coach, the players come first. William is inspiring during his pre-game speeches and his comments before and after practices.  He shows love to his players and and consoles players in both victory and defeat. He always stressed the straight and narrow positive path to personal and team successes; and emphasized the strength of community and community service for others.


William raised thousands of dollars through many fund-raisers and camps and never used the profits for personal reward. All proceeds went (1) to his coaches, who were underpaid for all that they did for the players; and (2) back into the program for uniforms, warm-ups, supplies, etc. 


William put together a championship program which took his team to the Missouri state quarterfinals two consecutive years, with no experienced basketball assistant coach. William had to train coaches with no prior playing or coaching experience. Though his young and inexperienced coaches did the best they could for the program, he directed the program on his own and still kept an upbeat and positive attitude at all times. William is the type of coach that parents want their children to play for.  William can teach his players things that only a non-family member can teach.  William models the behaviors that parents talk about to their children and is that important example that all parents, children, and players need.

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