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Working with and helping develop the skills of educators, parents and children is a passion of mine.  I present on a variety of topics concerning educators, parents, and students.  Whatever your group's needs, I am happy to adapt my experienced knowledge base and content to fit your audience. For a list of past presentations/workshops, please see Past Events below. 

The Gulinogroup is committed to fostering lifelong learning by providing resources and professional development opportunities to educators, all adults and children.  Our expert team, led by Dr. Joseph Gulino and International Speaker, Author, and accomplished Gifted Educator, Nathan Levy, can tailor make presentations that directly fit the needs of your school, business or organization. We bring unique and varied perspectives regarding the needs of children and adults, especially Gifted and Talented students and educators. Attendees walk away with new ideas and problem solving techniques that can be applied the very next day at home, work, or at school. Our hands on, interactive workshops offer the perfect setting to gain access to practical strategies that meet the needs of individuals across all learning spectrums.

Our team of workshop administrators include: Joseph Gulino, PhD and Nathan Levy.  

Some topics include:


  • Principles of Fearless Leadership

  • Strategies to Insure All Students Achieve/Succeed

  • Preparing Students for Jobs of the Future

  • Collaboration – What is it Really!

  • Childhood Trauma – What all Adults Need to Know

  • Promote Critical Thinking, Inquiry, Imagination & Intuitive Functioning

  • Promote Achievement through all grades - Address Kindergarten Enrollment Practices

  • Increase Funding for ‘Gifted’ Education by Addressing Kindergarten Enrollment Practices

  • Meet the Remedial Needs of Students

  • Reflective Teaching; Your Classroom Behaviors

  • Student Centered Learning

  • High Expectations

  • Refresher Session – Reflective Teaching, Student Centered Learning & High Expectations

  • A Solutions Session

  • Improving Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

  • Critical and Creative Thinking for the 21st Century

  • Critical and Creative Thinking in the Classroom

  • Unlocking the Learning Potential of Gifted and Highly Able Students

  • Reaching Hard to Reach Children

  • Powerful Strategies to Help Students with Special Needs Be More Successful

  • Helping Children Be Better Thinkers and Learners

  • Practical Ideas for Fostering Critical and Creative Thinking

  • Practical Ideas for Improving Writing and Critical Thinking in Gifted Children

  • Powerful Strategies to Enhance the Learning of Gifted and Highly Able Students

  • Advancing Leadership Skills -Managing Conflicts, Making Decisions, Problem Solving-Creating a Quality School

  • P is for Perfect: Understanding and Coping with Perfectionism in Children 

  • Social and Emotional Issues for Gifted and Highly Able Children

  • Practical Ways to Improve the Teaching of Math

  • Practical Ways to Improve the Teaching of Science

  • Social and Emotional Needs

If you are interested in booking a presentation/workshop, keynote presentation, or want to find out more about specific learning opportunities, please contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

Past Events

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