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This book is wonderful in breaking down our understanding of the brain through research to simple explanations for parents, teachers, and students alike. After this short and easy read anyone will have a much better understanding on how our brain learns and how to best care for it socially. Dr. James Singagliese, Principal, Bridgewater, NJ


Cheryl Moretz has been an educator for almost 40 years. She has been a teacher, principal, college professor and workshop instructor, as well as mother and grandmother.Since she became interested in the connection between brain research and student learning, Cheryl has tried to incorporate brain friendly strategies into her teaching, administrating and parenting whenever possible. During almost 4 decades, Paul Sears has been a science teacher, a science and math supervisor, a workshop instructor, high school principal and college professor.. He currently teaches educational administration for Ramapo College. Paul passionately believes that a focus on brain friendly learning is a key to student success. Nathan Levy is an author, consultant and, president of Nathan Levy Books LLC. Nathan is the author of more than 40 books sold in the USA and all over the world. His unique Stories With Holes series continues to be proclaimed the most popular activity used in gifted, special education and regular classrooms. An extremely popular, dynamic speaker on thinking, writing and differentiation, Nathan is in high demand as a workshop leader in schools and business settings. He has worked as a school principal, district supervisor, gifted coordinator.

Brain Whys

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