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This book invites teachers to ask how the arts can support the goals of their classroom and school. Ideas from 6 art forms are shared to improve student learning for every student in every classroom. Strategies are provided to relax and engage the mind, body and emotions, reduce the effects of toxic stress and trauma and promote resilient living and learning through the arts.


Cally Flox,M.Ed. is the founding director of the Beverley Taylor Sorenson BYU ARTS Partnership, the licensed administrator and teacher in Dance, Math and P.E. She collaborates with leaders from multiple universities, school districts, and arts organizations to develop innovative solutions to improve student learning and school culture through the arts.Her training in educational and developmental kinesiology as well as sensory integration informs her strategies for authentic brain/body learning. Melissa Sadin, Ed.D. is the executive director of Ducks and Lions-Trauma Sensitive Resources. She is the program director for Creating Trauma Sensitive Schools for the Attachment and Trauma Network; she is serving on the board. She is the Special Education Director at the Unity Charter School. Currently, Dr. Sadin works as an education consultant and developmental trauma expert providing professional development to school districts, municipal service providers, and parents. Nathan Levy is an author, consultant and, president of Nathan Levy Books LLC. Nathan is the author of more than 40 books sold in the USA and all over the world. His unique Stories With Holes series continues to be proclaimed the most popular activity used in gifted, special education and regular classrooms. An extremely popular, dynamic speaker on thinking, writing and differentiation, Nathan is in high demand as a workshop leader in schools and business settings.. He has worked as a school principal, district supervisor, gifted coordinator.

Teachers' Guide to Resiliency Through the Arts

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