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Acknowledgements from
Dr. Gulino’s graduate students:

Curriculum Leadership is one of the best and most useful classes that I have taken.  With all of the leadership classes, forums, etc. that we took at West Point, I think that this one was more beneficial.  We touched on so many real topics that are experienced every day.  The biggest strategy that I will take from this class is remaining calm in a debate on issues and

not letting emotions get in the way of identifying facts and finding a solution.  The knowledge and skills from this course have helped me to be more patient with students and colleagues.  I also think that I am going to try to be more selective about picking my battles and focusing on the ones that I think I can win, as opposed to the ones that just need to be brought to the floor for attention, rather than trying to fight them all.  I will continue to read about great leaders and their ideas. 

-Bill Tharp

Dr. Gulino’s Curriculum Leadership class gave me insights into Leadership issues, administrative structure, and the “Whys” behind the “Whats” that take place in the management positions and decision making.  Dr. Gulino’s observations and insights in the weekly lessons were invaluable.  Never have I had the privilege to communication with and guidance from an individual so well-versed in leadership structure.  The readings, content, discussions, and responses truly gave me new understandings and perspectives into other and myself as a leader.  There was so much that I learned from this course and from all those who participated.  This class has opened my eyes to many other ways of reaching my students and being a leader in my school.  I feel more confident with stating my opinion on certain focal points in my school and I look at everything in a more positive light.

-Leisel Holland


The most useful ideas that I learned in Curriculum Leadership course came from the Powell book and Dr. Gulino’s “Pearls of Wisdom.”  Such as that from a post in one of the most recent threads – something to the effect of “A child is not a grade – a grade is no more than a reflection of what has or has not taken place in the last nine weeks.”  That seemingly simple statement was an eye-opener for me.  I hear SO much of “My child is an ‘A’ student,” and I never knew how to tell a parent what a stupid statement that was.  I am also going to keep Dr. Gulino’s notes in the assignments folders.  I found them very personal and inspirational.  Dr. Gulino, you are very much an inspiration!

-Kimberly Thompson Abarr


The structure of Curriculum Leadership reflected a very craftsman-like approach.  I truly appreciated the carefully-nuanced references and ancillary nuggets of wisdom that were placed in the lessons.  The course came at a very key time, and made me look very deeply at some core beliefs I had regarding my workplace and co-workers.  This was a good thing.   I have done much reflecting on the instructor’s and fellow students’ comments, and as a consequence, have radically shifted major points of view.  I expect this year to be one of the productive and enjoyable in my career.  The course evaluation was glowing.  The course was enriching, stimulating, and challenging.

-John MacMurry


At this point I feel that I am still digesting what I have learned over the semester.  Every day I find opportunities to use some of the knowledge I have gained.  I feel very positive about my experiences in Curriculum Leadership; and I feel, with time, I will continue to reflect and evolve in my teaching and leadership skills.  Whit this growth, I expect more questions to pop up; but at this point, I am just enjoying my renewed sense of vision and the feeling of power over my own school destiny.  I really enjoyed this class.  Thank you for your excellent leadership – you truly lead by example. 

-Melissa Bierman

Professional Acknowledgements 

Dr. Joe Gulino is a very good friend - we have known him for such a long time. His positive energy is catching and it encourages everyone around him. 

-Pam Storey, Retired Instructor UMC Child Development Lab, University of Missouri, 37 years in education.

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