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Master of Science in Sports Psychology and Exercise Therapy from the University of Western Australia, Awarded 2006 Fitness First Innovation Award, Fellowship Scholar Gray Institute, Nike Master Innovator Consultant, Adjunct/lecturer and speaker University of Oregon, Stanford University  Harvard University.

Lynette Deschler the Principle of Basecamp3, LLC and founder of TH3 believes that creating a more vital life begins from the inside out.

'By restoring our own personal environments of our bodies, minds, and spirits we are able to bring greater vitality to the world around us.'-  Lynette Deschler

Lynette Deschler MS, VG, FAFS, CSCS, CMT, VMT, PAS

Lynette Deschler, Basecamp 3 and TH3

Lynette has created vitality design from the inside out. Which includes a better understanding the connections we hold between the physical, biological and behavioral worlds, and that you cannot touch one dimension, system or environment without affecting another. Vitality design starts with our own personal environments of our bodies, minds and spirits and extends out to our external living environments and spaces.


Lynette has worked in the fields of human vitality and performance for over two decades. She consults, lectures, teaches, mentors and works directly with individuals, small groups, professional teams, universities, and a wide range of businesses and corporations in all dimensions of human and environmental vitality. Lynette has presented in 9 countries on the topics of human performance, mental skills, leadership, vision/creation and play. Lynette also provides personal guidance in the areas of movement/nutrition, mental skilling, resiliency, movement therapy, fung shui and environmental vitality, nature therapy, life-balance and spiritual growth.


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Lynette’s favorite Quote:


A passion for truth

A sense of humor

To see beauty in all things.


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