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Leadership Thoughts

Dr. Joseph Gulino

Dr. Joseph Gulino

Joseph Gulino, PH. D, is Principal of the Gulinogroup & Fearless Leaders Consulting. University of Missouri, Columbia, MO - Ph. D, Educational Leadership.  He was the recipient of the National Association of Secondary School Principals Middle Level Dissertation Award, 1997; and the University of San Francisco Alumni Society Outstanding Educator in Administration Award, 1999.  Dr. Gulino directed SS. Peter and Paul School, St. Peter Interparish School, and Helias High School for the Diocese of Jefferson City during his 28 years serving the diocese. 


Dr. Gulino also served as an online instructor for the University of Missouri, an Associate Director of Missouri North Central 1994-1996, and Director of Graduate Studies and Educational Clinical Experiences for Central Methodist University, Fayette, MO.  

Dr. Gulino’s work regarding leadership, especially in the areas of educational and personal leadership, and his research re: kindergarten readiness is highly respected.   

Comments from former UM-Columbia students...

“With all of the leadership classes, forums, etc. that we took at West Point, I think this one was more beneficial.  We touched on so many topics that are experienced every day.” – Bill Tharp


“… class gave me insights into leadership issues, administrative structure, and the “Why’s” behind the “What’s” that take place in management positions and decision making.” – Leisel Holland 


Dr. Gulino has authored:


  • ‘Principles of Fearless Leadership,’ Nathan Levy Books.

  • ‘Kindergarten Readiness: A Challenge,’ NAESP Magazine, May/June 2008.

  • ‘Middle School Programmatic Practices and Student Satisfaction with School,’ NASSP Bulletin, Sept. 1999.


Dr. Gulino was also a member of the Missouri Board of Geologists Registration, 2003-2016.

Gulinogroup and Fearless Leadership Consulting Associates

Gulino Group Associates consult regarding leadership and other practices of various professions.  Our lead area of expertise is educational leadership.  Effective leadership is lacking in our world today.  We focus on personal and business leadership.  In many ways, everyone who works with or is responsible for other individuals no matter how few or for whatever reason, is a leader.  Effective leadership practices raise professionals up to be more proficient, productive, and vital to organizations.  They increase your personal confidence and sense of worth.

Leadership Thoughts for Consideration...

  • Do you recognize that 'blood is thicker than policy' and this fact destroys relationships and mires organizations in a very unhealthy way?

  • Do you realize that any positive praise that is followed with the word BUT insures that the positive praise will not register and the rest of the conversation is useless?

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